Kristina Kazarina

Professional photographer from Russia.

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15 questions to Kristina from Audrey Backlund:

1) A.B.: How did you start in photography?

K.K.: I started with self portraits. This coincided with a difficult period in my life and was a bit of therapy. But it lasted long enough, about 3 years I shot only for myself and no one saw my photos. I was always very serious about what I do.

2) A.B.: How long have you been in photography?

K.K.: About 2003. But it was only a hobby for a long time. When my daughter was born, I made ​​a choice, quitted the job in the specialty (I'm a lawyer) and started to work in the magazine. After working there for 4 months, decided to open my own studio, still have never regretted my decision.

3) A.B.: What hobbies do you have besides photography?

K.K.: - Music, Movies .. Books reading in times less than in adolescence, love to reread favorite. Still fresh enough "passion" - traveling.

4) A.B.: What kind of music do you like?

K.K.: I grew up in a family of rockers, Mom loved Led Zeppelin, Dad - Hendrix and AC/DC. Accordingly, from the cradle, I absorbed this music. But the passion for music began much later, in 13. As a child 90' I sat a long time on the grunge, In 15 years I even played in a band..closer to 20 in my life was a period of «death» and «doom» metal =)) Still love «The Dreadful Hours» of MDB. Now listen to anything, depending on my mood, I love Morphine and Triggerfinger.

5) A.B.: How is it that you often live in Thailand? After all, you're from Siberia?

K.K.: In Chita, where I come from and where I was most of my life, quite harsh climate, and as soon as i got an opportunity to "get away" from the winter - I immediately took advantage of it. In 2011, I first visited Thailand, lived there for a month, came back the next year already for six months - winter in Chita long and very cold. My work is always with me, so for me do not fundamentally be in one place.

6) A.B.: Do you like Europe?

K.K.: Yes, very much. I love the Netherlands and Belgium.

7) A.B.: Why do you photograph women only?

K.K.: It is not, I photograph a lot of children and couples. Just for the portfolio I often use pictures of women, as the photography for me in the first place - it is self-expression.

8) A.B.: Do you like women?

K.K.: Of course, I like women. Not in terms of sexual orientation, as many people think. As a material. I have already said and I repeat that I started photographing self-portraits, but it is difficult and monotonous. Plus, I'm hard to imagine to do it often. So I preferred to do self-portraits using other people's bodies and faces. I rarely shoot the woman "as is" ..mostly I "drag" some of my emotion state, in general anyway, there are a lot myself in my works. Perhaps that is why my models rarely smile in the frame, I'm pretty gloomy, at least to me so often say. I use photography as a therapy. Meaning of creativity is always about the same, what would people not engaged.

9) A.B.: You take a lot pictures of your daughter. Photos are often very dramatic. She's really such a sad girl?

K.K.: Kira is different, I think. But of 500 frames, where she is smiling, I choose what I need. To such complex dramatic emotions I had to provoke her. Suffice it to say, for example that for breakfast is oatmeal (which she does not like), so she's a little upset, and I press the shutter button.

10) A.B.: Your works is very sexy and sensual. What role in your life plays a sex?

K.K.: Definitely, in my works more sex than in my life (laughs), and i'm happy. But seriously, this is important to me to show woman sexy and sensual..A woman, suppressing her sexuality, can not be self-sufficient.

11) A.B.: Why do you use monochrome?

K.K. Color distracting. But I use color when it is justified. In B/W easier to cut all unnecessary and show the essence. + Is a matter of personal preference, I think B/W is very beautiful.

12) A.B.: What would you like to do in the future?

K.K.: I would like to make a movie. Sooner or later, I'll come to that.

13) A.B.: Do you plan to leave Russia?

K.K.: If my family will have the opportunity - of course. But at the moment this is not possible.

14) A.B.: With whom of a supermodels or actresses would you like to work if you had the opportunity?

K.K.: I can work with anyone..who wants it). I love Emily Ratajkowski, Doutzen Kroes, Dita Von Teese, Asia Argento, Frances Bean Cobain .. I could go on :)

15) A.B.:Describe yourself in four words?

K.K.: (LOL)

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Kristina Kazarina